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Office Workout Routines for Health – Regular exercise and healthy eating are important for your overall health. However, most of us don’t have the time to do so. However, office workout routines are a great way to get some exercise in between work sessions. These exercises are low-impact and can be done in a private office without drawing unwanted attention. You can also vary your workout routine, adjusting the intensity, speed, and selection of exercises as needed. Here are some examples of office workout routines.

Exercising Without Equipment While Sitting at a Desk

An app called Office Workouts allows you to exercise without equipment while sitting at your desk, computer or couch. The app offers a variety of desk exercises and metabolism-boosting routines. A good app should remind you to stretch your body after every workout. To make it easier to fit an exercise routine into your busy schedule, download the Office Workouts app for iPhone and Android. The app includes exercises for both men and women.

A walk-lunge routine can be incorporated into your office workout routine. This is an effective way to stretch your arms and legs and relieve stress and anxiety. Similarly, you can perform shadow boxing, jumping rope, or walking in place around your office building. If you are not able to do these exercises, try walking a few laps instead. You can also substitute walking laps with walk-lunges.

Sitting Plank Exercises Can Help Tone Your Core

A seated plank exercise can help tone your core. It works the abs, glutes, and back muscles. The goal is to maintain these positions for at least two to three seconds. You can modify this exercise to suit your needs and level of fitness. And don’t forget about your shoes. While doing your desk workout routine, make sure to wear proper shoes that will fit your work environment. If you’re feeling a little self-conscious, try these exercises instead of standing up!

The easiest exercise for your back muscles is standing tall on your office chair. Place your feet shoulder-width apart, hands stretched out in front of you, and bend your knees. You should be able to touch your toes with your buttocks. Repeat this exercise at least ten times. Once you’re comfortable with this exercise, you can move on to other exercises. And, remember to practice good posture every day.

Sitting Version Shoulder Stretch

The seated version of shoulder stretches will work out your upper back. Sit with your arms straight out in front of you. Then, use your right arm to sweep your left arm under your left arm. Then, repeat on the left side. Make sure to breathe deeply during the exercise and release your tension. This exercise will help you to maintain proper posture and prevent neck ache. Aside from being effective, this exercise will also help you to get rid of stiffness and tension in your shoulders.

Another useful app for the office environment is Office Workout – Exercises at Your Desk. It’s available for Android devices and is the top Health & Fitness app in the Google Playstore. With over 10,000 installations, it’s no wonder that Office Workout has become a popular Health & Fitness app. If you don’t have a phone, you can download the app and run it on your PC. If you’re on a PC, you’ll need an Android emulator.


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Dr Aline Wersey
Dr Aline Wersey
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