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Our mission is to make the truth about health care remedies knowledge. We sort lots of information, especially from medical journals. Then we compile it into an easy readability article that our visitors can enjoy reading and easily get the information. That’s why we need your help to provide valuable content to our audience by writing guest posts about health care & remedies.

Why You Should Contribute Guest Post to Us?

Guest post is the way to help you develop your own site. Writing for health care and remedy content in would make you get a broadened audience. We have much active readership and followers which allow you to get a lot of exposure. Besides that, submitting guest posts to us can be an effective way to increase your visitor and traffic. For sure, you will get a high ranking in search engines and brand awareness. Submitting guest posts to us would let you get a wider target audience in the health niche and online presence. For those reasons, can be your motivation to try submitting guest posts here.

Guidelines for Guest Posting

Writing content for healthcare and remedy is a demanding task that needs your responsibility and knowledge. Health contents must be based on facts and solid basic research. In other words, before starting to write your guest post article you have to know what you write would be valuable to the readers and give something that insightful. Keep in mind that you have to give truthful and accurate information. For sure, your content must be high quality and bring proven scientific facts.

Therefore to make your health care and remedy guest post accepted on, you have to follow our requirements. So, do not want so long. Here are our guidelines:


You should write content in standard English with fewer grammatical and spelling errors. Use proper heading, subheadings ( H1, H2, H3, etc.), and bullets/numbering to structure your writing. Use short paragraphs which easy to read. Keep your writing tone informative and educational.


We prefer you write health care and remedy guest post contents minimum of 1500+ words.


You have to write high-quality content that is valuable and can provide clear learning for readers. Your writing work also shouldn’t be biased, paraphrased, or promotional. And it would be best if you were responsible for what you have written and you fully understand it. Make sure your content can be trusted and well-researched by adding at least 2-3 citations where you get the sources.


We encourage the writer to give at least 4 images as part of your article. Make sure to get permission for images that are used from outside sources. Only use high-quality images including the related copyright.

Linking Rules

If you ask a favor for links then you should get our approval. We do not provide links back to your site/company. However, you can build your portfolio by sending us a 2-3 line biography with your social media accounts here.


Your guest post content must be original with unique ideas and never been published on any website even on your own site. If you use images, make sure they don’t violate any copyright issues, or have not any restrictions to get used. We don’t publish any sort of plagiarism in guest post content.


We reserve the right to review and edit your guest post content before posting it. Any content/article that we think is irrelevant to our site and guidelines would be refused or you need to revise it again. We also have the right to ask for changes if required to make it SEO optimized.


Furthermore, don’t send us low-quality content or articles that don’t relate to our site topic coverage. That kind of content would just drop our authority. We aim to give the best content that brings value and information to our readers. So, make sure to follow our guidelines above before you submit a guest post here. Any content articles that don’t match our requirements and standards we’ll just reject right away.

Guest Post Content Coverage

If you enjoy doing research, you can create your own article and submit it as a guest writer. We’d love to hear your thoughts. However, you should be aware that we only cover health-related topics. Even if your article is excellent, anything unrelated to the health care and remedy topic will be rejected. So, please read the following topic categories to understand the kind of content we published.

  1. Health Care & Remedy
  2. Health Products & Dietary
  3. Fitness & Wellness
  4. Beauty Tips and Skincare
  5. Mental Health & Healthy Sleep
  6. Exercise and Weight Loss
  7. Or any kind of health category that you prefer and master in, please make us know by sending your submission here.

Just like another website, we’ve looked for a way to grow our site even throughout guest posting. If you think you are ready to join and write for us about health topics, please contact us at any time!

Submission Procedure

Your quest for health care and remedy guest posting comes to the right place. So, what are you waiting for? While Google is busy making updates and your competitors are also looking for ways to grow, why don’t you get ahead of yourself now. You can start from submit your guest post under health care & remedy on our site Do not hesitate to shout a message to the form below.

    Alternatively, you can also submit an email to [email protected] by giving us content text complete with images in a ZIP file. If your idea is unique and interesting, you will surely hear back from us! We’ll review your submission and email you immediately after deciding to post your content.